V +~ing (동명사를 수반하는 동사) English

stop, finish, avoid, consider, admit, miss, involve, quit, postpone, delay, imagine, deny, risk, practice

the situation in a office....

Suddenly everybody stopped talking. There was silence.

I also finished talking with my coworkers.

Our superior avoid being noisy in office.
Have you ever considered being silent all members at the same time?

But he admited going to restroom.

I missed talking a lot with someone.

It involved missing past.

Because of it, many members want to quit working in this company.

Most them postponed going to vacaition.
Eventually some delayed doing thier marriage.

In the begining they didn't image quiting gob.

But they denied working under such as the situations.

Because of it, they risk firing their job.

Thus they needed to practice searching other jobs. 

 * 부정형은 not ~ing.

Paula has given up trying to lose weight.

We have to do something. We can't go on living like this!

Don't keep interupting while I'm talking.


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